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Client Cloud makes it easy for you to manage all your clients, leads and the income they produce in one simple place!


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We include everything you need. We never overwhelm you with multiple tools and features that you will never use.



Customize Client Cloud with your logo so your customers think you have your own custom branded software.

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  1. Manage Clients, Leads and Income

    Client Cloud is a powerful yet easy to use small business software that helps you track new and potential clients along with the income they generate on a monthly basis.   We pride ourselves in how efficiently simple the software is, to use and benefit from.
  2. All Your Clients, One Easy Place

    Our easy to use dashboard lets you import all your clients from places like gmail and csv files.  Easily add them to groups, assign product tags to specific clients and manage sales with client, group and tag payment tracking.  Every client is at your fingertips; simply search for a name,...
  3. Smart Business Tools

    Track your success monthly and yearly seeing exactly where each dollar of income is generated. Groups, tags, notes and icons help you manage this all at a glance. Client Cloud is designed to give you the power to manage your business anywhere on any device.
  4. Manage More than Clients

    Tracking tasks and day to day processes is important when running a business.  Client Cloud has a built in task management system that allows you to add and track the progress of specific objectives.  From in-house operations and duties to managing an effective email campaign the task manager delivers.
  5. Built to Support Any Business

    Client Cloud is perfect for small business owners of any kind.  Whether you are selling designer clothing or web design the software adapts to fit your needs and effectively help you track your growth, build new clientele and optimize your efforts.